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How Can You Benefit From Twitter Chats?

The key to networking on social media is engagement, and the key to engagement is being human. Twitter is a great platform to do all of the above. Your community and potential leads could literally be at your fingertips. That leads us into the use of Twitter Chats. Why not take full advantage of a platform when the opportunities are right in front of you?

Twitter Chats direct you to a great opportunity to get in front of your desired audience, as well as to network with like-minded people. Generally, Twitter Chats are moderated on a weekly basis with a specific hashtag, in which related communities follow and contribute. From podcasts, to questions, to open conversations, Twitter Chats allow you to build and grow relationships.

Multiple sites have compiled lists of active Twitter Chats, as well as their weekly schedules. As social media changes frequently, it is best to do your research to make sure the schedule is still up-to-date. Sites, such as Nurph and TweetDeck, allow users to see a feed from the hashtag in a more organized structure for easy following. However, you are still able to participate by just using Twitter.

Twitter Chats are beneficial in multiple ways and can be addicting! Contribute your knowledge, learn from others, find your influencers, build relationships, and target your audience. Be active and engage!

What are your favorite Twitter Chats?

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