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5 Ways to Manage Your Time While Managing Social Media

Social media never sleeps, it’s true. It may sometimes seem as if you have to work 24/7 just in case a random person asks a question at 3am. When can you make time for yourself? For your family? It is important to have a good time management schedule to maintain peace and sanity.

Although, it may seem as if it is all fun, social media can be stressful. It is key to take a time-out once in a while. Practice these time management techniques to make your time as efficient as possible:

Prepare for the day

Whether you already make a weekly or monthly agenda, be sure to prepare for each day as well. Create a to-do list. It will give you something to stick to and will help prioritize what is most important. Do not stress if you do not complete the list by the end of the day – prioritize accordingly for the following day.

Determine “office hours”

Working in social media may not necessarily mean that you work a typical 9-5. Block out your day according to what works in terms of posting, engaging, researching, etc. While you are not working a 9-5, you are not working a 24/7 either. Set standards as to answering your phone and e-mail during certain hours to make the most of your time.

Break up your day

Do you de-stress by taking a walk? Doing yoga? Listening to music? Learn how to calm yourself down if you are in a stressful position or so you don’t get burnt out. Schedule time to relax and breathe, even if it is brief!

Block out distractions

Although it is tempting, resist the urge of going on your personal social media accounts while you are working. Make sure your work space is free of distractions and unwanted noise. Stick to your priorities and focus on your small daily goals. Optimize your time!

Write it down!

When you get a side-thought, write it down if it is not an emergency. Some ideas sprout from things we are currently doing. Stay on track with your current tasks by creating a “thought pad” to go back to at a later time and schedule it into your daily schedule to review.

Although there are many more ways to manage your time, the most important aspect is to know what works for you. While you may not be able to eliminate all distractions, focus on the importance of your tasks and time spent in all directions. The more effectively you spend your time, the more successful and happy you will be.

How do you manage your time efficiently while managing social media?

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