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Is Automation the Devil When It Comes to Your Social Media?

In today’s world, we are always looking for a more simple way to do things. From robotic vacuums cleaning your carpet to mobile apps that practically do anything for you, there seems to be an easy way out of everything. With ever-changing and advancing technologies, there are more and more improvements. Within the realm of social media, there seems to be a trend of tools appearing that will limit a user’s usage in terms of posting. So, what are the issues with automating posts to limit usage?

Let’s get this straight, we are talking about social media. The meaning is in the title. Social media is SOCIAL. The issue with automating posts is that there is little to no engagement. After all, that is what drives your reach. Building a relationship with automation is like building a relationship with a robot. They have no feelings or sympathy. Being social is creating that human connection, building that relationship, and being a real person.

Sure, some automation may be okay as filler, but be aware and know when and where to respond. That brings us to automated RSS/Atom feeds. The issues with unmonitored automated feeds include several issues. First off, the time when the blog is posted is when the feed is sent to your social media platform. This brings up the issue of posting times. If the blog is posted at 2am, you may not target the amount of people you are hoping to reach. Secondly, being unmonitored always leaves that possibility of information being posted that you do not agree with, competitor information, or advertising.

Obviously, the best way to go is to be a human, to engage, to be you. Take advantage of communities, Twitter chats, and reaching out to your audience. However, if you choose to automate, just recognize the risks if left unmonitored. If scheduling, be sure to add a personalized touch. We are all busy people and easy is convenient. Just don’t let convenient become lazy.

What do you do to best engage your audience?

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