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What Can You Really Learn in 1 Hour on Social Media?

Recently I was invited on #MediaChat as a guest by Aaron Kilby to discuss the topic of “Changing Careers to Do What You Love“. There were 161 people who participated in the hour-long Twitter chat, which takes place on Thursdays at 7pm PST/10pm EST. Although I got to discuss things that were unique to me, I came out of the experience with more information than I could have ever imagined.

The Twitter chatters were very enthusiastic about the topic, which was exciting to see. Engaging in conversations about their past and how they got where they are now, who they are inspired by, and their passions. My main takeaway is that everyone has a different story. You will never find two people alike, and that’s what makes everyone individually interesting. Whether it’s family, friends, jobs, or life, people live life to the best of their capability.

Learning from experiences of others will only make us stronger as a whole. Never take a single second for granted. Look at the positives in any situation, and when things are looking dim, outreach to others for help or support.

In that hour, I heard stories of triumph, struggles, success, and inspiration. The amazing part is that this was all done via social media. You could feel the emotion in words. People were human.
This is why it is stressed in social media to be a human and not a robot. That feeling led to relating to others on a more personal, yet professional level. Brands involved in the chat offered realistic advice and made it seem as if you matter.

That’s what people want. They want to feel as if they matter. Don’t be afraid to tell a story, be sympathetic, and to show emotion. The real you will come through and people will respect that and try to build a connection with you. Let your words do the talking and create relationships that may spur from online to offline one day.

#YouMatter: What is one way you show others that they matter?

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