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Why Are Building Relationships Important On Social Media?

Building relationships. As in real life, building relationships online is a part of social media (hence, the social part). It may seem intimidating to beginners, as they try to push selling without adding the social part to it. So how can you build a relationship online without acting like you are spamming?

Twitter is an amazing tool – like a real-life chat platform. Flashback to the AOL days where you sat behind your computer screen to talk to strangers (a/s/l anyone?). Through those chats, you were able to connect with people, talk and listen, and slowly build relationships. That is the main idea. We aren’t talking Tinder relationships, but business professional/working relationships.

Do not think that nobody wants to talk to you. Unless you have a profile that states you sell likes and followers, you should be fine. Invest time in your connections and follow like-minded people. Be authentic. Be real. Be approachable. Don’t just talk about yourself. You aren’t going to enter a party and shout that you have a special on your product, so why do it online?

There are so many things you can do to build a relationship! Be involved in Twitter chats – don’t be intimidated. You will learn more things than you could imagine while building connections.

Think of it as real life. Listen to others and they will do the same to you. Respond to others and connect. Be consistent and patient, but most importantly, don’t give up. You never know if your next tweet could be that connector in building the perfect relationship.

Why are relationships so important on social media? Having a group to support your personal or professional brand is like having a group of cheerleaders surrounding you. They all want you to succeed. Referrals and sales may follow, however your learning experiences from them are invaluable.

How do you build relationships online?

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