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Why You Shouldn’t Have an Intern Run Your Company’s Social Media

Whether you are a small business or startup, funds may be tight at the beginning. Once business plans are complete, the website is being built, and everything seems to be in order, you may be looking at your next steps.

When it comes to social media marketing, many believe hiring an intern, or millennial who “knows” social media, may be the most cost-effective way for the company to get online. In this digital day and age when everyone’s eyes are glued to their phones and WiFi is a basic necessity, it’s only expected to have a Facebook page.

It’s only posting on Facebook every-so-often, right? Wrong. Between algorithms, audiences, PPC, research, and much more, the job of a social media marketer is not “just posting”. In addition, those posting on social media are essentially “the voice” of your company. While interns may know the basics, how to post on their personal social media, or took a college class, the depth of what should be learned and implemented in an ever-changing field requires knowledge beyond “basic” skills.

For instance, posting on a Facebook business page vs. posting on a Facebook personal page is different in itself. Facebook has created a “pay-to=play” game and organic growth is more hands-on and research-intensive. The focus of building relationships and a community around your company or brand through engagement is what will take you to the next level.

This is just with Facebook mentioned. Keep in mind that there are other social media platforms that require social listening to find your audience, and their own set of rules and guidelines to know. It is not a basic, templated project for every brand – it must be customized to the product, voice, and audience.

The social media marketer must have a variety of attributes and skills, such as a business-sense, personality, research skills, willingness to learn (not only about social media, but the company), dedication, creativity, ability to analyze, brand awareness, relationship and community building, customer service skills, ability to think on the spot, and common sense. This is not saying an intern lacks these qualities, but their knowledge may be limited when it comes down to it.

All in all, social media conveys the brand’s voice, so ultimately is your online representative and customer service. In that aspect, relying on an individual because they are low-cost, (legally, an unpaid intern cannot have the same duties as a paid employee/position) is an option that you will need to weigh out as a company, however, in anything in life, you get what you pay for.


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